Clemson University’s Student-led Brand Agency

Clemson University’s Student-Led Brand Agency

We are the CONSUMERS.

We are the CREATORS.

We are the FUTURE.

Why Cadency?

The Agency at Clemson University is a premier, student-led agency made up of creators from across majors, colleges, and mindsets. We are brand leaders, creative problem solvers, immediate contributors, and we are Gen Z.

Just like our University aligns itself to the same beat, we believe that every brand has a cadence. That undercurrent of rhythm and truth that moves through different departments, divisions, and opinions to unite people with a common purpose. Cadency at Clemson University was built by students to recognize and enhance the heartbeat of brands through strategic brand communications for tomorrow’s consumers.

We are the CONSUMERS.

We are the CREATORS.

We are the FUTURE.

Katie Hildebrand


Jackie Herr


Lori Pindar


Daryl Stevens


Jesse Godfrey

Creative Mentor

Ellie Cannon

Agency Director

Hailey Sheridan

Managing Director

Aryan Sreshta

Strategy Director

Roberto Cortes

Content Director

Natalie Bell

Art & Design Director

Trace Burgess

Motion Director

Hannah Griffith

UI/UX Director

Sophia Wilkins

Culture Officer