Learn About Our Roles

To accelerate Clemson University advertising students’ careers, we supply a fully student-led agency for them to gain work experience by providing roles within account management, creative, strategy, copywriting, videography, photography, and UI/UX.

Account Management

The Account Management role serves as the key contact and initiator of various projects and client-facing opportunities. This role will outline scopes of work for new projects, creative and project brief writing, client communication, and planning and business strategy. Students must proactively and effectively communicate timelines and challenges to clients and other team members to deliver strategic solutions on various projects.

This role will manage all communication for external client projects and be responsible for email exchanges, meetings/project calls, meeting recaps, status updates, and delivering creative work that aligns with a project brief. In addition, they will be responsible for maintaining positive relationships with key project owners and clients on all project work. This team member is expected to possess exceptional communication skills, efficient task management skills, and be competent in the general operations of brand communications.

Creative Copy and Content Writing

The Creative Copywriting role will be responsible for content writing and direction of all campaign elements and will partner with other team members, including designers, to effectively execute campaigns for the Erwin Center and client partner projects. This role will work collaboratively with the other team members to creatively strategize communication needs for business challenges.

Deliverables could include tagline creation, digital content writing, website content, and overall campaign creation.

This team member will be expected to have a passion for creative writing, be curious about creative ideas, activate creative thinking skills, and be competent in the general operations of brand communications.

Students interested in this role should be able to show a portfolio of creative writing and creative concepts.

Creative (Videography & Graphic Design/Art Direction)

The Videography and Visual Effects role will work with Cadency team members and clients to concept, storyboard, and produce various video elements for projects. Video production and editing will be required.

The Graphic Design and Art Direction team member will create any graphic design and creative services for Cadency and external client partners as needed.

This team member should possess creative thinking skills, a diligent work ethic, and be competent in creative brand communications. This role may include planning and overseeing all creative strategies and deliverables. Planning and activating for photoshoots and video production may be required based on project needs. The Graphic Design and Art Direction role will be required to collaborate and lead the presentation of concepts and creativity and work with the team members to adjust creativity based on mentor and client feedback.

Deliverables could include social media graphics, digital content graphics, and art direction of overall campaign elements. Some print production may also be required.

Students applying for any of these roles should have proficiency with the Adobe Suite and the necessary equipment to produce and edit concepts for various channels. Knowledge of motion graphics is also preferred for Videography. Students interested in this role should be able to show a portfolio of creative work.

Research & Brand Strategist

The Brand Research Strategist role will be required to work with clients to activate research and collect consumer data to inform brand communications strategies for campaign projects. This role may be required to develop consumer segments, personas, user stories, and key insights to influence other team members’ creative business strategies. In the past, this role has required social listening tools, reporting, and e-commerce content audits.

An understanding of customer research and data usage to inform strategies is preferred,  and the Brand Research Strategist will be required to partner with team members to write project briefs to inform creative team members of consumer insights for projects.

Web User Interface Design & Development (UI/UX)

The UI/UX role requires an interest and some background in digital technology and web development. This role will work alongside mentors to design and develop websites for clients or support web content needs in the future. Knowledge of HTML & CSS preferred. WordPress experience is also preferred but not required. A portfolio of past projects is also required.