Meet the Alum!

We are…

brand leaders

creative problem solvers

immediate contributors,

and we are Gen z.

The most essential tool we can provide our students with is access to individuals who can understand where they are currently and assist them with reaching the heights of where they want to go. There are no better people for this than our alumni. Through events such as our Brand Innovation Summit, networking dinners and even personalized meetings, our alumni are always ready to provide our students aid in their career journeys.

Rachel Schnack

Emily Reynolds

Lucas Nash

Andrea Portaro

Corina Smith

Ella Sprenkle

Erin Dickey

Leah Forst

Katie Bingham

Max Knipstein

Harrison Estey

Mia Valentim

Delaney O’Tuel

Leta Kate Lamb

Mary Michael Middleton

Bailey Cardone

Anna Warwick

Nathan Fry

Sean Tuckman

Kate Brownell

Megan Shafer

Cameron Roth

Megan Medley

Abby Green

Riley Preiss

Liza Allen

Defiance Yenovkian

Marissa Caputo

Chandler Shelnut

Lena Barakat

Amanda Bridges

Carese Brown

Eliza Brown

Gigi Chambers

Mary Gilden

Caroline Henderson

Harrison Latham

Madeline Makowski

Delaney Niemeyer

Sam Sprenkle

Hope Wilde

Abby Angalet

Colin Blumer

Hannah Braswell

Julia Cappiello

Thomas Catoe

Amelia Cobb

Nora Cronin

Becca Foster

Erin Francese

Tanner Hall

Dawson Hatfield

Becca Henderson

Amanda Hollowell

Edye Humphrey

Elizabeth Jones

Julia Liland

Marin Parkinson

Spencer Peltz

Summer Ratley

Caitlin Ridgeway

Blake Roth

Jordan Seeger

Emerson Schaefer

Meg Truluck

Tripp Tucker

Brooke White

Kayla Rogers

Brendan Clifton

Mary Callie Granger

Peyton Rogers

Adrienne Herr

Janae Brown

Anna Shaw

William Bosley

Roxie Ware

Ravyn Galimore

Olivia Plyler

Morgan Linder

Maggie Pack

Islay Thompson

Madison Hartsock

Lexi Robayo

Kendra Guarnieri

Jasmine Lewis

Hunter Reid

Hannah Petrella

Hannah Bloom

Emma Shipley

Chloe Kelley

Brenna Turpin

Avery Anderson

Macale Fusco

Macale Fusco

Sandy Hall

Sandy Hall

Caroline Schoenberger

Caroline Schoenberger

Wil Niesen

Wil Niesen

Becca Pulsifer

Becca Pulsifer

Hannah Shaffer

Hannah Shaffer

Brianna Moore

Brianna Moore